Love Loud Food? SO DO WE!

About The Charcoal Pit

Our fresh, succulent souvlakis are irresistible. Picture beautiful charcoal-pit lamb and chicken meats roasting right before your eyes.

Breathe in the delicious aromas, then hold a warm souvlaki roll in your hand, and taste the amazing flavours that only simple traditional Greek-style cooking can create. Yum!


Got a taste for Greek?

The Charcoal Pit Souvlaki Bar has bought authentic Greek-style cooking to the Australian public for many years. We’re fun, loud and, above all, we simply love sharing great tasty food with you!

To create souvlaki meat that’s juicy, full of flavour and succulent—we believe—this can only be truly achieved with a Greek-style charcoal pit for spit roasting.

Over time we’ve discovered the secrets to providing the very best souvlaki product and customer service experience:

  • We use the freshest of freshest ingredients – then we don’t need to disguise a lack of flavour with lots of additional sauces and extra add-ons. Simple is best.
  • We work hard to provide a single high-quality flavourful product – then our customers only have a simple decision to make, and our service time is faster.
  • We use a natural on-site cooking process that is engaging. The customer loves to see and smell their food cooking in front of them.

Need a quality food stall that can handle the big crowds?

The Charcoal Pit offers:

  • Unique Greek-themed food cooked by charcoal pit spit roast on the spot
  • No preservatives in our food, fresh quality and local Australian produce
  • Made-to-order souvlaki with customer options
  • An authentic, satisfying well-priced meal
  • A fun stand that always creates a buzz and attracts a crowd
  • Large crowd capacity and systems, with an experienced and qualified team
  • Excellent infrastructure and quality control for event catering
  • Travel within Victoria to your event

To arrange The Charcoal Pit to cater for your upcoming event please contact our Events Manager, Peter, on 0408 005 533.